DJ Erick Ibiza
International DJ & Music Maker (México)

Erick is on the top of the list of the world’s new generation producers and djs for gay festivals and circuit parties. Actually work with biggest names of the industry like U2, Donna Summer, Rihanna, Tony Braxton, Ralpi Rosario, Bleona, Maya Simantov, Tony Moran, SZA, Suzanne Palmer, Sagi Kariv, Isaac Escalante and many more.


Donna Summer - Hot Stuff (Ralphi Rosario & Erick Ibiza Remix)
- RANKED TOP 1 on BILLBOARD Dance Songs Chart. (June2018)

U2 -Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way
(Isak Salazar & Erick Ibiza Dubby Mix)
- RANKED TOP 1 on BILLBOARD Dance Songs (July 2018)

Rihanna Feat SZA - Consideration
(Isak Salazar&Erick Ibiza Official Mix)

Chris Cox & Lee Dagger Ft. Ollie James - Messing With my Mind (Ralphi Rosario&Erick Ibiza Vocal Mix)

Erick Ibiza - Burning Up (Original Tribe Mix)

Bleona - Wicked Love (Ralphi Rosario & Erick Ibiza Remix)

Nile Rodgers & Tony Moran Ft Kimberly Davis
- My Fire (Isaac Escalante&Erick Ibiza Dub Mix)

Erick Ibiza - Move (Original Mix)

PARTIES: Festival Pride México Feel Alive > Party: The Week BR< · H1 Seoul (Korea) · VITA (Japan) · Rumours (Colombia ) · Babel Club (MX) Dirty Party (MX) · Beatwolf (MX) · Jubileo (Mx) ·and more

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