DJ Rosabel
ROSABEL: is a DJ duo consisting of Ralphi Rosario and Abel Aguilera, and they both have been in existence for the better part of 25 years; generating dance hits and more recently, tag-team DJing for the masses around the globe. Listen closely to their songs, remixes, and DJ sets, and quickly their Latin roots start showing; (Ralphi’s are Puerto Rican, and Abel’s are Cuban). The stories of these two men are the American dream come true: success and fame resulting from hard work and consistant perseverance.

Ralphi Rosario is one of Chicago’s legendary “Hot Mix 5” DJs that strongly influenced house music when it started in Chicago. He has been an important DJ in the history of house & club music; Abel Aguilera is in the top tier of DJs, performing regularly for major worldwide events. They’re both sought-after stars in both the house music and Circuit worlds today.

But Rosabel is not simply the sum of its parts. The strong friendship between Abel and Ralphi is reflected in the humor they share between themselves. So many Diva DJs - “We try not to take ourselves too seriously” they both strongly iterate.

They met in 1989 during the Winter Music Conference in Miami. They both simultaneously began their DJs careers about the same time. Both participating regulars on mix shows in their own hometowns, Chicago and Miami respectively. Their friendship grew into a productive one; and in 1994, they tested the waters with “La Puta” released on Groovilious/part of Strictly Rhythm records out of New York.

With a few independent dance releases with Tommy boy Records/NYC; Rosabel continued to dominate the dancefloors every summer, starting with strong hits like “That Sound”; “Don’t you want my love” with the legendary Debbie Jacobs; to the legendary “Cha Cha Heels” with long time friend Jeanie Tracy. The staying power & the combination of forces was definitely intact, as they moved onto the remixing genre.

They’ve officially remixed pop icons such as Madonna; Cher; Gloria Estefan; Janet Jackson; Donna Summer & many more. As well as many independent artists such as Tony Moran & Bob Sinclaire. They pushed their summer anthem staple again with Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish”.

Their remix work finally landed them a Grammy Nomination in 2011 for the Rihanna Single “Only girl (in the world)” – It was indeed a staple and once again proved worth of Rosabel’s staying power, both as DJs; and as remix producers.

They continue to educate and play for the masses around the globe. One of thee most creative & sought DJ duo’s that have stood the test of time, and continue to do so.

Rosabel is getting ready to release their debut LP in 2019; Followed by a world tour.