DJ Nacho Chapado
Jose Ignacio Chapado, better known as Nacho Chapado, was born in Barcelona, Spain and surrounded himself in music from an early age, not just working as a radio D.J. but also holding down various positions with a number of record companies and soon got the taste for not just DJ-ing live, but also engrossing himself into the recording studio "Mystery Luv" "U Can Change" "Behind The Eyes" "Coming Up", etc. His CV reads magnificently, the main focus being Italy and, of course, Spain, playing at a host of meets in his home country, including Fascination, Odarko Club, Into The Tank, StrongMatic, Bear Factory, & Ursus Planet, at nearly as many in Italy, places like Hub, The Block, Gorgeous I Am & Gay Village, as well as featuring large at many of the festivals in both countries - Long Vehicle Week, The Farm, Barbarella, Hero, Criminal Candy, Radio Londra in Italy & Loveball, Bitch, Devotion, Space Of Sound, etc in Spain, the massive Circuit Festival 2009, 2010, 2011,2012, 2013 in Barcelona when he represented not only beartastic brand Megawoof, Club Rapido, Zurich´s Selection Party and the Absolut event, S-Clash pool Party in Athens,and many more.

He is also at the centre of a new tribal & progressive house music label, Guareber Recordings, which will see not just his, but close associations works released, which looks like making waves in Spain & beyond. Producer of many songs that have been heard in clubs and worldwide radio stations

He has worked with producers like: Cher, Offer Nissim, Peter Rauhofer, Amuka, Robbie Rivera, Asher Monroe, Dave Aude, Akon, Avril Lavigne, Pet Shop Boys, The Wanted, Juanjo Martin, Dr. Kucho, Pedro del Moral, Oscar G, Ralph Falcon, Yoko Ono mixes, etc . But, Nacho Chapado still loves to get behind the decks live, playing out to packed crowds at Club in Barcelona, Madrid, London plus zooming across to Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Germany, France, etc where his services are still in great demand and his style of full on tribal house beats, combining, tribal house & progressive house, always with powerful songs, sounds which are incredibly addictive and dance delirium tempting.