DJ Spectrum K
From the Land of A Thousand Smiles, DJ Spectrum K will captivate you with his repertoire and style of Circuit House music. Graduated from MIX UP (the first DJ institute in Bangkok) in 2001, he tried his hand spinning at the Babylon Bangkok. The club owner was so impressed that he invited DJ Spectrum K to be the club's resident DJ. In 2006, he was the resident DJ of NEO Bangkok, and since 2007 he has been the resident DJ of G.O.D Bangkok. He now regularly tours Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul and Ho Chi Minh.

Babylon Bangkok, Resident DJ 2001-2006
NEO Bangkok Resident DJ 2006-2007
G.O.D. Bangkok Resident DJ 2007-Present.
gCircuit SK 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
gCircuit Fastasia #1 and #2
gCircuit SK 6 "Bear Bath & Beyond"
gCircuit SK 7 Aquatica "Bears On Top" & "Boys On Top"
gCircuit SK 8 "Big Splash Bear Pool Party" and "Splash Boy Pool Party"
gCircuit SK 9 "Big Wash Bear Pool Party" and Closing Party "Pharaoh"
gCircuit SK 10 2016
gCircuit SK 11 2017
Heaven Party Club Angel Shanghai
White Party Bangkok 2015
Kuala Lumpur Prince World "Prince Royal Ball" 2008
Shanghai Club D2
Shanghai Club Angel Heaven Party
Beijing Destination
Beijing Funky Club
Guangzhou Papa Club
Shenzhen Papa Club,Buddy Nightclub
Taiwan ClubJump
Taiwan Pride 2012 "Taiwan Power" Luxy
Taiwan Pride 2013 "Taiwan Perks" ClubJump
Taiwan Pride 2014 "Formosa Pride"
Taiwan Pride 2016 "Formosa Pride"
Hong Kong HX China Pride 2012
Seoul I:M 2015, I:M 2016
Seoul Pulse
Seoul LeQueen
Seoul Club Gray
Seoul QuBIC
Seoul Club Circuit
Seoul Club XL
Seoul Looking Star
Jakarta Apollo Club
Jakarta Heaven
Singapore Zirca
Singapore Avalon
Singapore HYPERISE
Ho Chi Minh Republic Lounge
Kuala Lumpur Market Place
Kuala Lumpur Maison Club
Tokyo Glamorous Party
Tokyo "Shangri-La White Ball" ageHa 2015
Vita Party Tokyo

DJ SpectrumK hopes his style of House, Progressive House, Circuit House, will "uplift your spirit and recharge you from the inside".